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This past weekend was the official launch day of my Such Good Birds Shopify Store! This will be a home base for all my bird themed merchandise.

Prior to the pandemic, I did the convention circuit and tabled at the Artist Alleys in pop culture-type cons. I specialized in cute sticker sheets. Once everything shut down and my 2020 con schedule was cancelled, I shifted my attention to online selling. At first my online shop was filled with the exact same merch I’d take to cons.

An AA artist selling at an in-person con usually develops her inventory based on what’s popular that year and what will sell. However! The pool of potential customers is limited to attendees at that one event, or the con-going crowd in general. Niche items are a harder sell.

But this last year, removed from conventions, I started making items that appealed to my own interests. Gradually I expanded from stickers into a wider range of cute paper stationery. And my focus narrowed to birds (with jRPGs as a close second). I decided I needed an independent shop just for my bird stationery.

One summer, while visiting my parents, I was sorting through a box of old school papers. In that sunny warm attic I discovered the truth- boxes of notebooks and school assignments from the 90s, all of them covered with bird drawings. I even created bird versions of my favorite characters because in grade school I couldn’t draw humans yet. Only bird.

I am nothing if not consistent. Welcome to Such Good Birds.

Julia's bird comics circa 1995

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