Mission Statement

Such Good Birds is a stationery shop dedicated to providing quality bird themed items. We maintain that each bird is the maximum level of beauty and goodness at all times, and is worthy of love and protection.

Such Good Birds supports habitat conservation and animal welfare efforts through fundraising and spreading awareness, and in our commitment to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible.


About the Artist

I'm Julia, owner and artist at Such Good Birds. This shop is the merchandising wing of my art practice. I've sold my stuff online and in conventions for over a decade, but my rebranding into Such Good Birds started in 2020.

With the cancelling of many in-person cons, I shifted more to online selling and decided to focus on a niche that was dear to my heart. I'm in love with cute stationery, and birds make everything better... so it was a natural pairing. 

You can contact me at suchgoodbirds (at) gmail (dot) com. Email is preferred method of contact as I don't often check social media messages.


About the Art


How do you make your items?

First I draw and prepare a digital file that I send to my manufacturer. I have help from professional print shops, textile factories, and similar shops that create the items for me. Once the items arrive to my studio, I check each item for quality and add branding and packaging. All orders are shipped by me.

Will you make so-and-so type of item?

This shop's special focus is bird-themed stationery. In the past, I created non-bird themed products, but since 2020 I decided that birds are my favorite niche and passion.
Moving forward, I plan to exclusively create around the theme of birds, any and all of them, so if there's a particular species you want to see, please let me know.
The stationery I create is mostly flat paper goods like school/office supplies, but I also offer small accessories like charms or pins. I'm not interested in branching out into other non-stationery products, though occasionally I might add a special item. If there's a certain type of product you really want to see, please let me know.

Do you offer commissions?

No, I don't offer commissions of any type.



Do you offer wholesale?

Not yet... but I hope to one day! If you're a brick-and-mortar business interested in carrying Such Good Birds products, please email me at suchgoodbirds(at)gmail(dot)com and let's talk

Who is that bird on the logo?

That's a white crested black polish chicken-- her name is Pancake. She is a beauty queen and fashion model. Occasionally my social media posts will be written in her voice. The knife is a reminder to SLASH through the negative thoughts and to CUT OUT time for yourself in the day.