Pop-Up Shop at PLNTD in Jersey City

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On May 5, 2024, I was invited to do a pop up shop at PLNTD, a local plant shop in Jersey City. I had never done a pop-up stand before, but I had all my display equipment and signage from my con days, so I figured why not? The plant shop was a quick ride from my home and the owner very generously offered the table space for free.

I set up inside the shop (it was going to be outside but the rain said no) and spent a few hours transported to this magical jungle realm. No, really. I don't keep plants at home so being surrounded by these lush green cheerful things was calming in a way I didn't expect. The shop workers were very friendly and welcoming and shared a bit of their knowledge of the plants. It was obvious they were all "plant people" and cared deeply for each plant in their shop. Everyone had their favorites and even nicknames for a few of the ones that had been in the shop for a while.

While I sat at my table I began to sketch my surroundings. I tried to capture the controlled chaos of a space bursting with life. These days, I don't often use my sketchbook and pocket watercolor palette. Professionally, most of my art is digital, so returning to traditional media is always a pleasure. See below for a few pics.

Thank you to PLNTD and the friendly store staff for hosting me as part of your "Women Owned Weekends" series!

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